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Correct Vision Issues with Noninvasive Techniques

Vision therapy is a way to correct visual conditions in both kids and adults. It can help with lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), eye misalignment, focusing problems, and even reading and learning difficulties.

With vision therapy, patients can develop or improve their visual skills, changing how they process and understand visual information. This can lead to healthier vision and less discomfort.

Bring your child in for a routine eye exam so we can talk about how vision therapy might benefit their vision. 

What’s Included in a Vision Therapy Program?

When we assess the need for vision therapy, we learn each patient’s needs and create a customized program, which may include the following facets:

  • Weekly 50-minute in-office treatments
  • Progressive exercises or procedures, performed under the doctor’s supervision
  • Homework (exercises or procedures to perform at home)
  • Gamified therapy training with virtual reality, Vivid Vision

The VTS4-HoloLens Exercise System

Foresee Eyecare offers the VTS4-HoloLens, a treatment designed to support patients in their vision therapy journey. 

This innovative system leverages HoloLens Augmented Reality technology to provide detailed and precise holographic vergence and stereo targets, enabling advanced computerized measurements and exercises to enhance oculomotor skills and fusional ranges.

The VTS4-HoloLens also introduces new and unique therapies, such as the Virtual Brock String, further solidifying its position as a game-changing tool in the realm of vision therapy.

Vivid Vision & Virtual Reality

How would you like to play a virtual reality game? Patients who undergo a vision therapy program may be eligible to use Vivid Vision. The system is designed for amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and convergence disorders, all of which can affect the eye alignment and muscle movement. Vivid Vision is suitable for all ages. 

Our doctors customize the program to each patient’s needs, setting appropriate (and exciting!) exercises and vision assessments to be used at home or in the clinic.

Request an appointment to learn more about vision therapy at Foresee Eyecare.

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